“Give a man a fish and you feed him a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese Proverb


The Difference

Sala Bai students have touched our hearts! They are the reason our efforts are focused on the sustainability and growth of the Sala Bai Hotel and Restaurant School in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Each of the students who come to Sala Bai have overcome incredible challenges to receive an education and find employment in the hospitality industry.

Their eagerness to learn and the gratitude reflected in their generous smiles are a continual source of inspiration to us. It is also the success and proven track record of the Sala Bai School that has motivated us to champion their mission here in the US. Sala Bai is a model solution, one that we believe can be replicated in other countries around the globe. While 100% of all funds raised go directly to Sala Bai at this time, we do reserve the right to direct monies to other best-in-class organizations involved in anti-human trafficking activities.


The Impact

The diploma awarded at the end of the training is recognized and co-signed by two Cambodian Ministries: Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training and Ministry of Tourism. The training program is also recognized as being efficient by the main local actors of the hospitality industry.

The training and the diploma are real assets when it comes to finding a job. Today, 100% of students find a job within a month after their graduation and have an entry level salary that is 3 times higher than the average income of their families. Consequently, students can support them and enable their brothers and sisters to continue their education.

In its 16th year of operation, over 1500 students have successfully completed the training at Sala Bai. Focused on sustainability, Sala Bai covers a large part of its operating costs by operating its own training facilities with a 65 seat restaurant,  6 rooms hotel and beauty salon/wellness spa. These revenues covered 15% of operating expenses in 2010, and now cover 35%, thanks to the new and larger facilities opened in 2016.

Sala Bai is fighting human trafficking by addressing extreme poverty and its consequences with a free education and guaranteed employment to youth at-risk. What makes this uniquely holistic approach different from other educational programs is that it creates its own self-sustaining ecosystem. It benefits the students, their families, the local economy and…..the hospitality industry!

The Support

Sala Bai relies on donations to provide year-long hospitality training, full lodging and healthcare to its students completely free of charge (65% of funding comes from donations, 35%  is self-funded through revenues from the training hotel and restaurant).

Every day more and more individuals, corporations and foundations are supporting Sala Bai with donations, resources or sponsorships. Listed below are just a few of Sala Bai’s supporters in various countries around the globe:

Thank You to Sala Bai Partners


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